Company Timeline



June 2015 – Construction work started with the laying of the first foundation stone of the meat processing plant in Erdenet, Orkhon Province.


September 2016 – The construction of a meat processing plant was completed, and deliveries of meat and meat products of industrial and primary processing to the market began.


July 2017 – The 2nd stage of the expansion of the meat processing plant is completed, and the plant has been accredited to supply industrial meat products to the target market, the market of China.


May 2018 – Licensed to export horsemeat to China.


June 2018 – In accordance with export requirements to Iran, the expansion of the freezing, chilling and cooling chambers of the plant, as well as the construction of an export production for the thermal processing of meat, began.


June 2018 – Implemented and certified ISO 9001;2015 “Quality Management System”.


August 2018 – HACCP system (critical point hazard analysis and control system) MNS CAC/RCP1; 2003, MNS 5998; 2009 are implemented and certified.


November 2018 – Thermal processing plant was put into operation.


November 2018 – The expansion of the deep-freezing chamber by 60 tons and of the chilling chamber by 40 tons was completed and put into operation.


May 2019 – Professional experts arrived from China and inspected the accreditation status of thermal meat processing plants on site.


May 2019 – “Halal and Islamic Food Agency” issued a certificate of permission for halal slaughter of animals and processing of meat.


August 2019 – A line for the slaughter of small cattle for 800 heads per day was put into operation.


December 2019 – The annual export of horse meat exported by the company to China exceeded 3,000 tons.


January 2020 – Some expansions were carried out at the plant, such as: expansion of the factory cattle slaughter line, expansion of the cooling room by 500 tons, expansion of the livestock receiving fence area by 250 head of cattle and 2000 head of small cattle at once, and the recreation area for workers has been expanded and equipped to be safe and comfortable.


April 2021 – Outside landscaping of the plant was carried out on 2 hectares of land, along with the expansion of two slaughter lines with a capacity of 800-1000 heads of small and 80-120 cattle per day, as well as a refrigerated warehouse for storing 500 tons of meat on an area of 1500 m2. In addition, a 120 m2 packing shop, a 720 m2 thermal meat processing shop were put into operation, and an automatic conveyor system was put into operation in the meat sorting shop. Hygiene and safety procedures have been improved and restrooms, tea rooms, showers and sanitary facilities are arranged in each workshop.


2022 – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of the border with China, new export gates were explored, more precisely to the Middle East, and the appropriate licenses were obtained and exports were made to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


January 2023 – The negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, and China, which had closed its borders in 2022, opened its borders and began receiving export meat and meat products through the Port of Ereen.


February 2023 – To gain access to a wider market and realize its vision of supplying grass-fed meat to the global community, the company has begun conducting a financial feasibility study for a new meat processing plant that integrates a livestock biosecurity facility and a slaughterhouse, aligned with international (mainly EU) standards, as well as taking into account sustainable social and environmental impacts.

March 2023 – Meanwhile, the current plant is constantly being improved to satisfy our customers and expand our market, and the construction of the automated slaughter line is currently ongoing.