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JMI (Jargalant Makh Impex) is one of the companies representing the 2nd stage of the development of the Mongolian meat industry, and among them, it is recognized as a company with growth and an adequate share of the export market. Since 2004, the introduction of international food safety standards and procedures in the meat industry, and then export to countries other than Russia, has been called the 2nd stage of the development of the Mongolian meat industry. Until 2000, the Mongolian meat industry developed according to the methods and technologies of the meat industry in Russia (the former USSR and the countries of the socialist system) and exported only to Russia.

Our company started its activity in 2016 by opening its own meat processing plant in Erdenet, the center of the Orkhon region, which is the central region of Mongolia, and has followed, from the very beginning, the aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability, innovation, quality and food safety, adopting best practices, and they not only brought us our current success, but also determine the direction of our future development and goals.

To date, the company has fully implemented the ISO food safety standards, as well as the import procedures and requirements of countries for meat and meat products, and on the basis of obtaining approval certificates from the authorities of the relevant countries, regularly exports to the Republic of China and Iran, and from past years to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, expanding our export markets.

The company is working to make grass-fed meat known worldwide by providing environmentally friendly technology and ISO standards, and the company has already started feasibility studies to establish an environmentally friendly and bio-safe meat processing plant.


Greetings from the CEO

Welcome to Jargalant Makh Impex (JMI)! I am so glad that you visit our company page to learn about us. JMI’s mission is to feed the global community with grass-fed meat, and the company adheres to environmentally friendly practices and constantly develops and improves its efficiency. There is a lot to learn about the company, but here I wanted to talk about the culture and core values of our company. At JMI, we rely on a team that is constantly learning to be the best in everything they do, with a full focus on our business, delivering the best products and services to our customers and a better future for all of our team members. As such, teamwork and a willingness to learn are the most important values that are critical to building the corporate culture we abide by. The business world is changing so fast that you can be an innovator today and be obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, we continue to study and learn so that we can quickly adapt to ever-changing trends. Thus, adaptability becomes the next important value in our company culture. We are curious and open to new ideas, new challenges.

  • Food safety
  • Social responsibility
  • Healthy consumer
  • Stressless animal

The above four themes are vital to the development of a company’s strategy and activities. JMI manages sustainability in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is committed to more sustainable production.

At JMI, the above values and goals guide everything we do.

Thanks again for showing interest in our company and visiting our website.

Wish you all the best.

Jargal Ankhbayar

General Director



Success Towards Sustainability


Grass-fed animal meat for global community


“Think Global – Act Local”


Skilled, collaborative and cohesive team
Food safety, ISO standards
Innovative methods and technologies
Team Member Health and Safety
Healthy consumer
Environment and Biodiversity
Community Engagement
Cultural heritage

Different export requirements in each market. Regarding the Chinese market, the application must be submitted to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) of China and registered with AQSIQ if the application is approved. AQSIQ representatives then inspect the export facilities on site to ensure that the facility complies with food safety requirements, and if so, issues an import permit for the Chinese market. JMI received permission to export boneless frozen horse meat to the Chinese market in 2018. An application for the export of thermally processed beef was submitted to AQSIQ and Chinese experts arrived and inspected the site, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the approval process has been delayed and is currently activated.
Ritual Slaughter -- Islamic Slaughter Certification. JMI was certified by the Halal and Islamic Food Regulatory Agent for the production of halal products in May 2019. We carry out halal production under the supervision of experts from the Iranian partner, as well as the Iranian Veterinary Organization.
Ritual Slaughter -- Islamic Slaughter Certification. Must comply with the guidelines published by the country's Rules and Standards for the Importation of Food and Agricultural Products.
Ritual Slaughter -- Islamic Slaughter Certification. Must comply with the guidelines published by the country's Rules and Standards for the Importation of Food and Agricultural Products.


JMI continually improves its corporate governance practices to create value, build trust with shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, and deliver sustainable results throughout the value chain.


The company was founded by Ms. Ankhbayar Jargal, who is currently the General Director of the company.

Line of Business

Slaughterhouse, meat processing, warehousing

Thermal processing of meat, production of meat products for export

By-product processing and production

Foreign trade and export of meat and meat products

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