Working Across Multiple Time Zones: Tools and Strategies
Working Across Multiple Time Zones: Tools and Strategies

“Tools like Slack, Convo and HipChat make that possible in a way that it never really was a few years ago.” Whether it’s just a team check-in or something more collaborative, meetings will always be a thing. A time difference gives you the freedom to code or write without distraction.

  • Working across time zones can yield benefits for both employees and employers, from improving work-life balance to widening the talent pool for new hires.
  • It’s not only employees who can potentially benefit from working across time zones—this arrangement also allows distributed groups to be more responsive and available when customers need help.
  • It’s easy enough to understand time zones where you live, but if you’re working in a remote team spread across the world, it gets harder to remember what time it is for your team members.
  • The best way to work remotely is by trying to replicate most of the things you’d do in an office job.
  • In the Bain survey, 44% of global respondents said it is easier to find a better opportunity outside of their company than in it.

Software engineer Kevin Furbish found this to be true about his remote team at Intuit. “Many of us tend to work crazy hours, which mitigates being in different time zones.” “Any remote worker knows you have to be flexible, so I feel time zone differences don’t impact your remote work life too much,” says Zapier’s Smith. “I’d quite happily sacrifice staying a little later or getting up a little earlier to avoid the stresses of a morning commute in rush hour traffic.” The best job for you might not be in your hometown, and you might work better when you aren’t shackled to a 9-to-5 workday. And that’s ok on a distributed team, as long as you can manage the time shift.


For synchronous, everyone-at-the-same-time communication, we use Slack for written chats and Zoom for video chats. There are many features of the world that I simply cannot wrap my head around, and one of these has always been time zones. Easily communicate with your remote team in Pumble, no matter where you are working from. Being able to select the best talent regardless of the location is one of the main factors that impacted the entire movement in the first place. It’s acceptable to inquire as long as you first confirm the other person’s wishes.

challenges of working in different time zone

They are also considering cultural norms, encouraging social connection, and planning occasional get-togethers to foster team cohesion. Companies often struggle with coordinating schedules, ensuring clear communication, and maintaining collaboration across different time zones. Meeting windows may be narrow, and there may be inconsistent collaboration and communication due to time differences.

Communicate boundaries and time zones

As a result of creating a wiki, you’ll be able to create transparency and stimulate a continuous flow of ideas and feedback. You can, however, overcome these challenges with the right tools and approaches. When you’re working in a distributed fashion, learning to be an effective async communicator is going to be the biggest factor in your success. An inside look at the meeting ground rules used internally by, the top-rated meeting productivity software company.

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If you have a large distributed team, you might not need to try so hard to stay connected. “Since there are people working from nearly every time zone in the world, there was always someone online to help with a problem or joke around with when you’re working,” he wrote in his book. But even still, if you want to make a distributed team work, you need to accept a time shift. “I’ll take phone calls working remotely in a different time zone late in the evening from folks that don’t realize I’m on the east coast and consider that part of the job for someone working remotely in a different time zone,” Furbish says. A third challenge of working in a different time zone is maintaining a healthy balance between your work and your personal life. This can be hard, especially if you are constantly switching time zones or working odd hours.

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challenges of working in different time zone